Congratulations to Michael & Jocelyn Lightfoot of D&M Lightfoot Farms / Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards, the winners of the 2018 Environmental Farm Stewardship Award!

Pictured: (L-R) NSFA President; Victor Oulton, EFP Coordinator; Jay Woodworth, Michael Lightfoot, Minister of Agriculture; Keith Colwell

EFP Painter 2018
Kelly Mitchelmore

The winner of the award receives a cash prize as well as a custom painting of their farm by a local artist. This year’s piece was a combination of knife and brushwork on canvas by Windsor based artist, Kelly Mitchelmore. The piece was gifted to the award recipient and will be displayed in the Federation boardroom.

Kelly Mitchelmore has a gallery in her Old Victorian home called Phoenix Hollow, she was phenomenal to work with and we are very proud to present her piece.

Kelly’s ‘Forevermore’ painting encompasses the farm well. She sent along this quick explanation of her process:
“A pair of stately old trees protect part of the beautiful Lightfoot and Wolfville vineyard. Normally you do not see trees in the middle of a vineyard – they are cleared to allow for optimum sun. However, it was explained to me that this was an old tradition and the trees were left alone to honour it – almost like standing guard over the vineyard. It was a cold and grey day in October when I had the pleasure of visiting and when I heard the story I wanted to celebrate the scene with joy and light. In order to preserve the landscape we agreed to focus on one of the trees and omit the highway and buildings in the background. This allowed the painting to center on the beauty and serenity of the tree and the vineyard it protected. So, with that in mind the background is warm and soft giving way to the gentle yet strong tree which stands guard over the vines. I made sure it was bright and sunny as if on a summer day – close to high noon – so there was no shadow – only sun and peace. I wanted this painting to evoke a smile – like a good memory. I hope I was able to capture a bit of the warmth I felt when hearing the story about this tree on that cold October day.”


Top 3 Finalists…

  1. Bidalolsy Farms Ltd.
  2. D & M Lightfoot Farms / Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards
  3. Stacy & Andrea Keddy
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