2009 Environmental Farm Stewardship Award

The Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture (NSFA) is pleased to announce 5 finalists who will receive special recognition for their dedication and commitment to protecting the environment. The Farm Environmental Stewardship Award promotes the actions of farmers who are participating in the EFP program and demonstrates the outstanding commitment Nova Scotia farmers have made toward healthy soils, improved water quality, diverse landscapes, and vibrant communities. The following finalists are representative of the contributions made by many Nova Scotia producers in making our province a better place to live.

  1. John Duynisveld, Holdanca Farm
  2. Dean & Catherine Manning
  3. William (Bill) McNeil, Saulsbrook Stables
  4. Brian Trueman & Family, Thunderbrook Farm
  5. Andrew VanOostrum, VanOostrum Farms

Click here for the winner of the 2009 Environmental Farm Stewardship Award

Richard Melvin, President of Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture says, “The EFP award is a good opportunity to raise awareness of the high regard Nova Scotia farmers have for the environment.” Mr. Melvin continued to say, “The fact that the majority of farms in Nova Scotia are family owned and operated insures farmers are leaders in taking care of the environment they and their families live in.” “As a coordinator with the EFP program I have had the opportunity to visit many farms and I am always impressed by farmers’ efforts to protect the environment and by their willingness to adopt new practices that reduce environmental risk.” says Erica Versteeg, EFP Coordinator. Versteeg also indicated that, “Environmental Farm Planning has been a success within our province yet it remains an untold story. EFP staff felt it was time to more formally recognize the environmental stewardship we witness on farms every day.”

The Farm Environmental Stewardship Award is a part of the Environmental Farm Plan Program. It was created through a partnership of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the NS Environmental Farm Plan Team and the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture. The Environmental Farm Plan Program is an initiative under the Canada-Nova Scotia Growing Forward Agreement.

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