Conflicts between farming and non-farming neighbours do occur. Fortunately, conflicts with neighbours can often be avoided by taking a few preventative measures. Ensure that you stay informed about changing legislation. Periodically review your Environmental Farm Plan and current farming practices to ensure best management practices are being implemented on your farm. Strive to develop a good relationship with neighbours by being active within your community and by reducing the number of potential nuisance events.

Identifying potential nuisance sources is an important first step. Some possible sources of nuisance complaints regarding Nutrient management include:

  • flies – tarp manure pile if identified as problem (only if solid manure; moisture content of 60-65%)
  • odours – manure storage and/or application
  • manure on the road – keep manure  off the road surface

Proactive steps such as informing neighbours before manure application could prevent incidents such as spreading manure when neighbours are entertaining or when they have cloths on the cloths line.

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