Managing Heavy Rainfall Events

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Our climate is changing and that is having an impact on our growing seasons. This summer has been hot, humid and mostly dry with repeated heat warnings being issued and threats of thundershowers common in weather forecasts. It’s hard to … Continued

Cover crops – not just an end of season conversation

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Farmers across this province, like farmers everywhere, face the challenge of producing healthy food for our communities, while at the same time striving to protect the land for future generations and reduce the negative impacts on the environment. One opportunity … Continued

Soil Testing

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Soils are the foundation on which our agricultural cropping systems are built. They provide physical structure for roots, store and provide access to water and air. They act as a bank for nutrients to be held and released. They support … Continued

World Soil Day

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In recognition of World Soil Day, it is worthwhile to take a minute to reflect on the significance of soil health and soil conservation and recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy soil on your farm. Soil is one of … Continued

What should I do with agricultural sharps?

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Agricultural sharps (including needles, syringes, scalpel blades, etc.) are generated on livestock farms and are generally stored in sharps containers until a means of disposal is available. Across the province, disposal options are inconsistent and producers are asking- “What should … Continued

Being Responsible for a Sustainable Water Supply

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Agricultural activity in Nova Scotia has benefited from a relative abundance of freshwater available from rivers, storage ponds and groundwater sources. Annual precipitation consistently exceeds 1,000 mm/year, providing reliable recharge to aquifers and associated baseflow to rivers. The unrelenting rain … Continued